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The Tale of Lordofthemountain
"A correct implication, your obligated Page assures.
Therefore, I elaborate by stating,
That his most recent success aside from the volumes of Barker,
Is a smaller edition set in the Wine Country,
At a length identical to the three just mentioned,
A suitable length at which his work ethics strike no curbs."

"Does he exceed other literary persons in nearby places as well?"

"He has been very much effortful, My Lady,
Several calendar months ago, Lordofthemountain with much ambition,
Visited the nearby territory of Jersey,
And in a competitive sweepstakes there,
The earl left the town with much respect,
After finishing a second victor by a narrow degree."

"Does this man have any assistants?
He obviously sounds well-occupied."

"Assistants, yes, there are but two,
A regent who advises and uses prior experience,
In training him to set long-term goals,
Many of which have been achieved.
This tutor, My Lady, is in fact,
A popular baroness of the Brewer-Evans named Toby."

"My goodness!" the princess exclaimed,
"Lordofthemountain receives help for future's sake,
But is there a loyal colleague,
Who serves as agent at a given moment?"

"Immediate help is given by another," he stated,
"This person having been responsible,
For suggesting minor changes made in his stories,
That have proved to be influential in his success,
Including contention during the tenure in Jersey.
He is Les Hulet, a vassal who rides well a horse."

"And they are all supportive," said the near-breathless princess.

"They are supportive with suitable reason, My Lady,
For Lordofthemountain is a very honest parliamentarian,
Who believes in honesty, vigorous work, and spirit,
Who believes that honor is not for merely the privileged,
Alongside defeat not for the weaker,
It is these ethics that generate his effort and grit."

"I have not asked, Page, where he was born."

"A question that can be answered, My Lady,
For such facts have already been read.
In his year of birth, La Duchesse,
Delivered him while residing on a farm,
That stood underneath constant blue skies,
And hence the name where the parents and child went on to rest."

"It should be noted," the page continued,
"That there is a farm as to which Lordofthemountain,
Will most likely be related to for life.
It is called Onteora."

"Now please allow me to conclude, My Lady,
By noting that the subject of this history,
Has received the praise of the region's populous,
And this earl will remain on record,
For all the honors he has earned."

The princess expressed her admiration.

"He will be remembered for the years coming forth,
This being a statement that deserves no question,
As the story  I have been told is a true supporter.
Hopefully, I will someday read and hear,
More about this president named Lordofthemountain,
And perhaps I will witness him in leading his court."

The page then withdrew as the princess was left,
With as admirable idle to deeply respect,
And now God save all the company - Amen.