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The Tale of Lordofthemountain
by Paul-John Ramos

                                    Recently, a youthful princess,                
Who stood fairly short in height with much radiance,
And very peacefully in her young age,
Summoned a court scholar to be told,
Of a gentlemanly performer of heroics,
kind greetings were offered upon the entrance of the page.

"Good morning, My Lady," the visitor responded,
"Of how may I respectfully assist you?"

"I am inspired," began the princess hopefully,
"To hear the story of a famed gentleman,
Known by many but unknown to me,
As an honored person and exemplar of the masses,
Who is respected for both ability and leadership.
I ask has there been such a noble seen?"

"Aye, My Lady, there is indeed a lord
Who rules the nearby sprinting hills,
And all single turns of the Finger Lakes.
A lord of great speed and wisdom,
Who has in cities and towns a-many,
Placed his talents upon display."

"Oh, Page," said the princess,
"Do tell who is this man,
Reveal the name of this baron,
Who you describe so optimistically,
And please proceed to generously provide me,
With all you have heard, seen, and read of him!"

"Such a request is my duty," responded the page,
"Thus, My Lady, commence I shall.
He is known as Lordofthemountain,
Ruler of short distance farther in the north,
Whereof he lives in a small oval castle,
And administers under the title of Earl of Farmington."

"My stars!" the princess interrupted,
"An earl is he, and not a baron?"
Said the page, "A baron he is not.
For he is an heir of noble blood,
His father so named Regal Embrace,
His mother a loyal wife, La Duchesse--by both he was taught."


"Lordofthemountain is by now well-schooled,
And well-accustomed to his responsibilities,
Responsibilities that he performs with dignity,
As any consistent leader indeed should,
He is learned, a full nine years aged,
And has much time left as a distinguished literary."

"He is a true master of the spoken work, Page?"

"Upon the Highest Power, My Lady, he is.
Lordofthemountain has written many splendid stories,
Of brief heroics that are seen rarely,
Which makes these stories rare and worthy to treasure,
As well as pass on to our children.
These works I shall tell of, if you may so agree."

"My agreement is present.  Continue forth."

The page paused to review his memory and spoke:
"My Lady, this scholar has devoted much of his time,
To creating strong essays and winning many awards,
All of which has increased his wealth and local fame,
majority of the latter gained by being twice named the best,
Through a group consisting of  administrative lords."

The princess was stunned.  "Twice!" she cried,
"Can that be so?"

"Yes," the page returned, "It is true.
Any feat is possible in his countryside and similar,
By remaining determined and perfecting your vocation,
Known as the George W. Barker of whose volumes,
He has created one draft thrice."

"Thrice! What continuity!
And mastery of all such works!
I am sure, Page, that he has endeavored himself,
In additional ideas and dreams that have been shaped,
Into great legends that shall elude,
The spun cobwebs atop the defunct shelf!"